3 Tricks to Banish Sugar Cravings

I have a BIG sweet tooth. But we all know the negative effects sugar has on our bodies so I try (really hard) to stay away from it. When my body is clean of it, I’m fine. No cravings, no desire. I could sleep in a bed of jelly beans, not wanting any. BUT, Give me a...

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What & How Much to Eat

How Much to Eat Food is simply fuel for the body. How much and what you put in your body affects how you look and function. We want to get you looking your best and functioning at top notch! I have tried to break it down to simple terms. 1. How many calories do you...

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My Fitness Pal App Tips

If you are recording your activity and nutrition on the My Fitness Pal app, these tips will help make it seamless and simple. Remember, I am down in the trenches with you so know how hard (an eye opening!) tracking everything is. Trust me, it gets easier. Be sure to...

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Travel Fit – Hotel Room Workout

Traveling is not an excuse to abandon your workout. It might be a bit of an obstacle, but not an excuse. Simply pack a few tubes and bands and workout right in your hotel room! Or find a hotel that has a great fitness facility, guided runs or lots of stairs...insta...

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