Wellness Cards

Our stand alone card sets offer easy access wellness tips and tricks on activity (Be Active), nutrition (Eat Well) and mindfulness ( Live Mindfully). Sold individually or create your own combo!

Whichever set you chose, you can take comfort in knowing they have been created by fitness, nutrition and wellness experts to encourage activity, healthy eating and mindful living.

Measures 3.5” x 2

What Comes in the Wellness Cards?

wellness tips
Eat Well Cards

Healthy Eating tips and tricks. Keep in your desk or bag for easy access. Includes:

  • A 6 week nutrition plan
  • Shopping Lists (Top foods to always have on hand)
  • Substitution Lists (Ideas for heathy ingredient swaps)
  • Sunday Prep Ideas
  • Healthy Eating Tips
  • Restaurant Ordering Suggestions
  • Healthy, Simple Recipes
wellness tips
Live Mindfully Cards

Life can get busy. We have you covered. The Mindful Living card set will help you focus, recharge and is your go-to resource for:

  • Calming the Mind
  • Meditation / Breathing
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Healthy Sleep
  • Happiness Mindset
  • And more!
wellness tips
Be Active Cards

We help you get the body moving, stay flexible and get the heart pumping. Pictures with instructions encourage you to stay motivated to reach your goals. Includes:

  • A 6 week Fitness Plan
  • Upper and Lower Strength Exercises
  • Core / Low Back moves
  • Cardio / Aerobic Ideas
  • Flexibility moves
  • Balance and Coordination exercises
Wellness tips

Add Your Logo

We will work with you 1-1 to design artwork to best showcase your logo and messaging to brand your wellness tips.

A: Card Set Front cover (Be Active, Eat Well, Live Mindfully) (3.5”x2”, Custom Design)
B: Card Set Back cover (Be Active, Eat Well, Live Mindfully) (3.5”x2”, Custom Design)

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How to Order

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