Amie Hoff

Fitness Consultant | Spokesperson | Media Contributor | Personal Trainer

FitKit Co-Founder


Amie Hoff is an internationally recognized wellness expert, in the industry for over 20 years. Amie is dedicated to improving the lives of people everywhere. As a certified corporate wellness consultant, media contributor, public speaker and fitness personality, Amie thrives as a motivator and role model, sharing her expert fitness and health knowledge around the globe. View Bio →

Amie is frequently called upon to provide health and fitness tips on TV, online and in the local, national and global media. Amie thrives on helping people everywhere get healthy and fit. She has been lucky enough to appear on The Today Show, GMA, CNN and other notable media outlets. Amie also had the privilege to share FitKit with Barbara Corcoran of Shark Tank fame to gain insightful business strategies and the positive influence to grow the brand.

Amie Hoff

Corporate Consulting

Let me work with your corporation or organization to help develop innovative fitness and wellness programs and initiatives to meet your needs.
Amie Hoff

Speaking Engagements

I can speak at your event, conference or company on a variety of topics: Fitness, wellness, health, stress reduction, motivation, and more...
Amie Hoff

Media Opportunities

I'm an international media contributor on all things fitness, health and wellness–available for interviews, on-camera segments and radio shows.
Amie Hoff

Personal Training

My certifications include the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Equinox Fitness Training Institute, Sports Specific Training, Pre/Post Natal, CPR/First Aid.

As a NYC based certified fitness professional, Hoff consults on corporate health and fitness. She provides services to support internal wellness efforts, introducing fresh techniques and advancements developed from across the health and fitness industry. Her skill set, corporate fitness & nutrition experience, and hi-touch approach brings a much needed perspective to already successful wellness programs.

Fitness/Wellness Strategies: Amie will collaboratively work with your team, advising on and implementing creative and innovative ideas to help move your wellness program forward.

  • Brainstorm Sessions
  • Weekly talks or webinars
  • Daily or weekly exercise videos
  • Daily or Weekly Motivational Texts
  • Newsletters
  • Fitness Challenges / Programs
  • Onsite/Skype coaching sessions
  • Fitness/Nutrition Q&A
  • Social Media Group Management