We are all about simplifying wellness and supporting healthy lifestyles for you, your employees, your clients and everyone in between. Our mission is to provide health and wellness kits that motivate and inspire.

The FitKit Wellness team is lead by Co-Founders, Amie Hoff and Beth Wieczorek. "We are sisters and best friends. We were lucky enough to have had active parents who shared their love of the outdoors and adventurous spirit with us and our 5 siblings.

We both took different paths in life but a passion for staying healthy was always a common denominator. We both learned how the benefits of a healthy body lead to a healthy mind and a more focused, present and happy life.

We also knew that while health and fitness information was readily available, friends and family around us (and our nation overall) were becoming unhealthier. And unhappier. And less productive. There was a disconnect. We realized that part of the barrier to getting healthy today is that people are either too busy, don’t have the proper tools or take the time to “figure it out” for themselves. Most of the time, they don’t even know where to start. And we wanted to do something about it.

We combined our life and business experiences (Amie a corporate wellness consultant and Beth, working in corporate America, along with a team of wellness professionals, figured out a way to share the basics of what made us healthy and happy. To offer wellness kits with simple tools and support to make it easier to adopt healthy habits and make smart behavior changes. If it worked for us, we knew it could work for others.

We adopted the motto that “wellness is too important to be complicated”. Because it is. It’s not rocket science, yet people are too busy to take even simple steps. So, we created FitKit to simplify wellness for everyone.

We are proud that FitKit Wellness is a women-owned, small business and excited to hear that our wellness kits are influencing healthy lifestyle changes. Not just with fitness but in nutrition and mindfulness as well. They go hand in hand after all: one feeds the other. We created our wellness kits with you in mind. They are unique, easy to use and portable. They are designed so you can be well anywhere – at home, in the office or on the road. Simply. And with all FitKit's support and resources, feeling fit and healthy is easier than ever."

We love helping people make simple, small, positive changes in their lives. Because we know that small changes can lead to big, impactful results.

We love that!

Let's Simplify Wellness

FitKit Co-Founder


I moved to NYC in 1990 to pursue a career in acting in hopes of becoming a movie star. That dream was short lived when, instead of bartending or waitressing, I got a job at Elysium Fitness and helped them open their flagship gym. I much preferred the positive reward of helping others get healthy and fit than going on endless auditions.

Becoming certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and pursuing a career in fitness has allowed me to support, educate, create awareness and share my health knowledge. I’m lucky enough to wear a number of hats: personal trainer, corporate wellness consultant, public speaker and media contributor. Learn more →

I love that I still get to use my acting technique, speaking on health and fitness on local and national media segments. I was lucky enough to meld my careers and even worked as a stunt double for a few years. THAT was interesting.

I thrive the most when I am able to motivate and inspire people to new levels while introducing fresh techniques and advancements developed from across the health and wellness industry.

When my sister, Beth Wieczorek and I started FitKit Wellness, we may not have been too sure of where we were headed but absolutely knew what we wanted to accomplish. Our mission was to help others by offering simple ways to change habits to live healthy happy lives.

My own personal struggles were overcome by relying on simple tools to keep me physically, nutritionally and mentally strong. I learned first hand how the benefits of a healthy mind and body can positively affect any situation. And FitKit Wellness has allowed me the opportunity to help others realize the same. And I’m excited to share it with you.

FitKit Co-Founder


I have spent over 30 years in sales, operations and strategic planning in the healthcare industry, helping clients select goods and services to improve patient care. I am excited to combine my business experience with my passion for wellness with my sister Amie and to create a company that takes the complexity out of getting and staying healthy and to simplify wellness for others.

My passion for fitness started at an early age. Before the internet and video games, I could be found playing every sport imaginable outside with my seven siblings. I continued playing sports through high school, and then as a Division 1 Volleyball athlete in college. While I vowed to always stay in shape, real life took over – and like most people I know, juggling family, work and social obligations made it hard to get through the day, much less fit fitness into my schedule. I called it yo-yo wellness – spurts of activity and healthy eating followed by little of both – and the guilt that came with it.

Over years of trial and error I figured out the formula to maintaining a healthy body and mind. I focus on fitness activities I enjoy and look forward to, like taking long walks with my dog, Tucker. I incorporate a simple strength routine and try to make healthy food choices.

Amie and I developed our line of products with a focus on simplicity – combining tools with instructions to make it easy to get and maintain a healthy body and mind. And, providing a wealth of resources to help you stay on track.

We are excited to join you on your own journey to better health!

Be Well Anywhere™