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i The FitKit PRO is our premier wellness kit and includes everything you need to motivate, inspire and create healthy habits. Along with the workout tools (see below), included is our extensive Exercise Library, 6 Week Workout Plan, 6 Week Nutrition Plan, Articles, Videos and more! Get and stay healthy anytime, anywhere. More Details
FitKit Pro
i One of our more popular kits, the FitKit Classic includes all the same resources and support as the FitKit Pro but with a few less tools, and a lower price point. But no less motivating and inspiring! The FitKit Classic simplifies wellness and is perfect for health fair giveaways, open enrollments, challenge rewards, new hires, or employee recognition. More Details
FitKit Classic
i Our most affordable wellness kit in the FitKit collection, the FitKit Mini packs a big punch and includes a resistance band and BeActive exercise cards to encourage activity, inspire and help create healthy habits. And with over 100 exercises for strength, cardio and flexibility in our online Resource Hub you can Be Well, Anywhere™. A great choice when you want to make a big impact on a limited budget. More Details
FitKit Mini
i If you are walking more during COVID19, The Fit2Go Kit is perfect for getting your move on and carrying everything you need with you. Included is the expandable, bounce-free Fit2Go waist pack to hold a phone (all iPhone and Android sizes), keys and ID. The included Welcome Book provides access to our online Resource Hub with extensive resources to help you develop healthy habits and reach your wellness goals. More Details
Fit2Go Kit


i When healthy eating on the go matters. The EatWell Kit is a winner. Included is our insulated lunch bag and Snack2Go stack with four stackable, portion control containers. Each kit includes a healthy snacking guide with food suggestions and calorie counts for each container and our EatWell Cards that offer healthy nutrition tips, tricks and recipes. See below for more details on each of the included components. More Details
EatWell Kit
i Snack smart and create healthy habits! Our SnackSmart Kit includes our Snack2Go portion control system - four stackable, interlocking containers for smart snacking, wherever you are. Also included is a healthy snacking guide with food suggestions and calorie counts for each container and our EatWell Cards that offer healthy nutrition tips, tricks and recipes. See below for more details on each of the included components. More Details
SnackSmart Kit
i Nutrition tips and tricks for eating smart! The EatWell nutrition cards encourage healthy eating habits with simple, easy to follow nutrition tips and guidelines that can be kept in your bag, desk or in the car to help make smart choices on the go. The 3.5” x 2” card set includes 30 cards with a 6-week nutrition plan, shopping lists, substitution lists, Sunday food prep ideas, healthy eating tips, restaurant ordering suggestions and healthy, simple recipes. Created by our team of registered dietitians, the EatWell Cards are perfect for health fairs, wellness giveaways and employee incentives. More Details
Nutrition Cards

Stress Management / Mindfulness

i When life gets hectic and stressful (Hello COVID19!), our LiveWellKit will help keep you calm and centered. This budget-friendly wellness kit encourages balanced living at home, at work or on the go. We’ve simplified wellness with a trio of wellness cards that include tips and tricks to eat well, be active and live mindfully. The perfect combination! More Details
LiveWell Kit
i Stretching does a body good! Stretching can increase flexibility, decrease stress and tension and improve posture. Who doesn't want that! Our Stretch Kit includes a flat, non-latex resistance band that assists in maximizing flexibility moves. The included stretch starter cards offer simple stretches for all body parts that can be done at the desk, home or on the go. Additional access to our Resource Hub with a full library of stretches is included with each Stretch Kit. More Details
Stretch Kit
i Yoga anywhere! If you’re looking for increased flexibility or a workout that challenges the body, our Yoga Kit will get you there. The Yoga Kit includes non-slip toeless socks and fingerless gloves (think little yoga mats for your hands and feet!) so no need for a bulky yoga mat. Also included is a set of yoga starter cards with easy to follow illustrations and instructions. The gloves and socks are also great for Pilates, Barre or stretching. The neoprene case or canvas bag makes it easy to keep everything together wherever you go. More Details
Yoga Kit
i Life can get busy and stressful, especially as we all navigate COVID-19. Our Live Mindfully cards help you slow down, focus and recharge. It’s a go-to resource to calm the mind, find work-life balance, get better sleep, and gain inner happiness. Created by our team of wellness professionals, the 3.5” x 2” card set makes it convenient to keep at your desk, in your bag, or on the go. Perfect for desk drops, new hires and employee incentive giveaways. More Details
Mindfulness Cards

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