Author: FitKit Team Member, Kaitlin McAndrews

Ever have those moments where you finish a meditation or yoga class and immediately rush back to your life, regaining all the tension you just spent so much time releasing?

It’s as if you’re conscious effort to relax and slow down your world in an effort to be mindful is completely negated after you say the word “Namaste”. Especially if you live a very fast-paced life in a city or with a big family, it’s hard to completely detach for more than an hour.

The truth is, if we are unable to slow things down for a bit, we become too busy to move onto the next thing and are unable to appreciate the little things that keep our mental wellness thriving! By making space to appreciate the things that really matter, we can feel more connected to the present and our daily lives – it gives us purpose!

No matter what age you are, what gender you are, what job you have, or what neighborhood you live in, it’s important to take a second and slow things down. FitKit has compiled a list of 10 ways you can slow down your life to appreciate more in your day. Check out the list in our infographic below!

Hopefully you can apply some of our tips in this infographic to your every day life to make you feel more grounded and confident at work, home, and even the gym!

Life can get busy. We have you covered. The Mindful Living card set will help you focus and recharge. This set will your go-to resource for:

Calming the Mind
Meditation / Breathing
Work-Life Balance
Healthy Sleep
Happiness Mindset
And More!

This set is also an affordable, healthy item for any Corporate Wellness program to hand out to your team. It’s perfect for new hires, health fairs and corporate giveaways!

Author: FitKit Team Member, Kaitlin McAndrews

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