We all know the negative effects sugar has on our bodies so I try (really hard) to stay away from it. And the truth is, when my body is clean of it, I’m fine. No cravings, no desire. I could sleep in a bed of jelly beans, not wanting any. BUT, Give me a little sugar and I become a crazy woman, needing to find it wherever I can. It’s a hard cycle to break. So I wanted to share my 3 tricks to banish sugar cravings. Three actually that really do work. And what’s really great, they are healthy tricks in themselves!

3 Tricks to Banish Sugar Cravings


1. Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

My first go-to sugar craving trick is to brush my teeth….and scrape my tongue. I guess it has something to do with the refreshing, minty, clean feeling. Or scrubbing away any residual sweetness. But trust me, it works. If Im not home, I carry with me little disposable tooth brushes which you can pick up at the drugstore. I have them in ALL my bags.


2. Lemon Water

Another no fail trick is to make a concoction of warm water & lemon juice and drink up.  There have been lots of studies on this mixture for  many health benefits and here are 12 you probably didn’t know about, which is why I tried it in the first place. But I learned that more than anything, it curbed my sugar cravings for the entire day. Yes you heard that right, the entire day. I have also tried Apple Cider Vinegar which I know has some great health benefits.


3. Eat Up

The best way I have found to rid myself of sugar cravings is to cut out sugar entirely. I know, I know, it’s really hard. But once your body is clean of sugar the cravings will be gone. For me, it takes 2 days to decrease the cravings, 3 days to really diminish them and 4-5 days to really make it through dinner without a thought about sugar. If I stick to fresh veggies and lean protein and lots of lots of water, the sugar cravings always pass.

I will never be clean of sugar all the time. I’m human. But once I learned that sugar can lurk in unsuspecting places and try to avoid those as much as possible I do find myself more on the clean side of sugar more often. If you have any tips, please let me know below, I’d love to try them!!


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