Guest Post by Cathy Scarlett:

Are you lacking enough motivation to start losing those extra pounds? Did you skip the gym and now you don’t feel like going back to your exercise routine?

Maybe you need some motivation. But before we talk about the ways to get workout motivation, it is important to understand what is needed.

It is a well-acknowledged fact that if you can conquer something with your mind, then the body can easily follow. The physical activity involved in exercise is not what pushes you away from the gym, but it’s the commitment that you have to make with your mind for a consistent routine and plan. If you want to succeed with anything in life, you must be mentally strong and motivated enough to do so. If you lack the determination from your mind, then your body will never be able to follow. Our bodies respond to what our minds think, suggest and plan. To make it easier for you to continue your fitness sessions, we have compiled a list of 5 scientifically proven ways to get workout motivation.

5 Research Proven Tips for Motivation


Tell your friends and foes that you are going to workout. We all have those people in our friend list on social media who keep posting about their workout routine and post-workout selfies. No matter how much you envy them but they are getting somewhere with their fitness goals. It’s not necessary to announce to the world but telling your close friends will help. It is motivating because your friends will as for updates and you do not want to disappoint them. Even if you feel like quitting, you will do it for the sake of your friends and their questioning stares.


Finding motivation to workout comes from your self-image and perceived well being. A survey conducted on 317 Americans showed that people who have a positive attitude towards their health and appearance have a higher motivation to workout. Even though no one knows which one is the driving factor among exercising and having a positive self-image but it is proven that the two are highly related. Check out this article for motivation tips from over 100 fitness professionals


Write your goals. This may sound redundant but it is true to its core. Whenever you write down your goals for anything in life, you are more motivated to achieve them. It’s important to take small steps towards a bigger goal. Instead of aiming for a perfect figure the very first month, aim for smaller goals and losing a few pounds so that your goals are realistic and achievable. The goals will vary depending on whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or exercise for a certain sport. Clinical psychologists say that people who wrote down their goals and shared them with friends were 70% more likely to achieve them.


MONEY… We all know that money is one of the strongest motivational factors behind any goal. If you are going to be paid for your workout, you are highly likely to achieve them. There is a revolutionary app called Pact where the users are rewarded or punished for their fitness goals. They have built a community of fitness freaks where you set your goals for exercise and a healthy diet. If you meet your goals and stay consistent you are rewarded with money and if you fail to achieve your goals, your money is deducted from your account and given to other members who are achieving their goals.


Music can help. Music has a long relation with the human body since prehistoric times. Scientists have concluded that music aids high-intensity interval training through enjoyment and a positive attitude. Listening to music while working out can keep you on the track. It helps you stay consistent in the long run because you get a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment. A recent study also suggests listening to terrible music because it helps you channel your aggression through exercise. The choice is yours to make depending on the kind of person you are.


Cathy Scarlett helps people to live a happy and healthier life. She is an established Health and Fitness author (over 12 years of experience) and editor of Garage Gym Planner She also loves writing about people and inspirational stories.

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